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Motivational Speaker Ron Henderson

Ron Henderson began his pursuit of personal fitness training almost three decades ago. From a young age he has consistently been dedicated to sharing his discoveries and successes will all. Ron is the author of “What is it Worth for You to Become Physically Fit?” and the star of the cable exercise show “Fitness and Faith”. He is an internationally known motivational speaker, and has been the premier personal fitness trainer in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota for over 30 years.

At the age of 59, Ron Henderson recalls noticing many years ago a very well-dressed man drive up in a beautiful, gleaming Porsche. When the driver stepped out, however, Ron saw a body more like that of a Volkswagen! At that moment, Ron says “I realized physical fitness was something of true value. After all, if you don’t have your health, money doesn’t matter. I had been working out and I realized my body was something great…something no one could take away from me. No one could repossess my body like cars are repossessed. I could have a body like a Porsche, a Jaguar, you name it. I just had to keep caring about myself and my health.”

Ron then set and achieved specific goals for attaining that “Porsche” body, and has maintained the outstanding results over the years. Discovering a new found passion to see others become healthy and fit as well, he aligned his passion with his innate ability to captivate and motivate both young and old audiences. This has resulted in Ron effectually educating and inspiring countless of others to enjoy more active lifestyles. Hundreds are grateful that Ron’s (now affectionately known as “The Fitness King”) quest has been accomplished, as they, too, experience healthier lifestyles!

The Fitness King takes his powerful and compelling messages into corporations to accomplish two specific goals:

  1. Using honest, compelling enthusiasm, with credible, fun presentation, Ron powerfully motivates employees to see the need for planning, implementing, and being accountable for what is required to become physically fit.
  2. The result is a “healthier bottom line” for employers, as they obtain the benefits of more physically fit employees (i.e., fewer sick days, more motivation, positive attitudes, fewer health claims, and all of the many benefits that accompany a healthy lifestyle).

Ron does not believe in giving the same speech to every organization, but ensures that the right message is being given to the right audience at the right time. This is accomplished by taking the time to analyze your needs, resulting in a customized presentation that can most effectively produce the needed results.

Audiences quickly warm up to Ron and his presentation, engaging in the energy and excitement he presents. Most find themselves happily on their feet, while at the same time doing inward contemplation on their individual “state of physical affairs”. The Fitness King then gently but firmly moves them toward really examining their own current reality, and compels them to make the necessary changes that are needed on an individual basis.

Your employees will leave this presentation equipped with a plan of action as well as an accountability system to help ensure their success. Remember, that success is for their personal benefit, as well as a “Healthier Bottom Line” for your organization.

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Fitness for Kids

<>Obesity among children has reached epidemic levels: one in every five children and adolescents in the U.S. is overweight. Sedentary habits, such as video games and prolonged computer use, along with increases in fast-food diets, have placed today’s kids at risk. Beyond the long-term physical and medical consequences of obesity, the psychological impact — peer pressure, discrimination and the like — can leave life-long emotional scars.

Regular physical activity is integral to addressing these risks, as well as encouraging healthy living as early as possible. A small investment in time and energy can produce life-long results.

The Fitness King has made a personal commitment to promote physical fitness as a daily routine for children of all ages. He has made countless volunteer appearances before school groups and events to promote daily exercise, nutrition and healthy lifestyles.

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Fitness King Books

Mason’s Backyard Workout

(Mason the Mouse)

Mason’s Backyard Workout is a story about a mouse name Mason who decides to have a backyard workout get-together with all of his animal friends after seeing a commercial on TV about how everyone needs to move and exercise. Mason asks his friend Ellen, the eagle, to help get the word out by dropping invitations to all his friends. His friends were excited about the backyard workout. The story uses a variety of animals who participate in Mason’s exercise fun with each one adding an exercise that they enjoy doing. As children experience Mason’s Backyard Workout they will meet Mason the mouse and his animal friends and engage their imaginations in a way that will encourage them to have their own exercise fun.

Fitness Economics

Ron Henderson? The Fitness King? has been motivating people to increase their health net worth for over three decades. His new book FITNESS ECONOMICS is designed to help every person take action and follow through using sound financial principles uniquely applied to personal fitness goals.

The inspiration to write Fitness Economics came from the desire to create a system that would not only motivate an individual to want to change but would also provide easy to apply and easy to remember strategies to help those changes become a reality. I believe you will find the principles of fitness economics to be a catalyst to increase your health portfolio and keep you on the path to physical fitness and freedom.

Money is the one thing that everyone can relate to?either you have it or you don?t. We are taught the value of money early in life: those that have money can do things that those who don?t have money can?t. With Fitness Economics I have utilized tried-and-true financial principles and developed them into physical health and fitness strategies to help individuals no matter what stage of life or fitness.

What is it Worth For You to Become – Physically Fit?

Author: Ron Henderson “The Fitness King”

Are we too busy to take care of our personal health with simple everyday commitments? There are dozens of fitness books and DVD’s available at your fingertips, but there is only one “Fitness King,” Ron Henderson.

“Ron has helped me increase my odds for longevity with his insatiable passion for improving my personal health. I’ve spent thirty plus years doing exactly what I’ve always wanted to do as a sportscaster. Ron has taught me the right preparation to enjoy the next thirty years of my life with my health as the number one priority. Now, that’s advice you can take to the bank. I like my odds.”

– Mark Rosen, WCCO TV Sports Director, Minneapolis, MN

River City Press, Inc. ISBN: 0-9776713-6-4
$14.95 U.S.D.

Fitness King

Ron Henderson, “The Fitness King”, has been the premier personal fitness trainer in the Twin Cities
for over 35 years. As the author of “What is it Worth for You to Become Physically Fit?“,
the host of Fitness and Faith exercise series, as well as a dynamic motivational
Ron has inspired thousands of individuals to invest in their physical net worth.

Ron captivates and encourages audiences, young and old alike, while educating and inspiring them to enjoy more
active lifestyles both physically and spiritually. Ron is 61 years old and has been featured in newspapers, magazines,
radio and TV for over three decades. In 2009 the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal awarded Ron the Minority
Business Award.
Ron’s new TV Show Motivation airs on your local cable station. Ron is an
articulate, compassionate, motivating, and entertaining speaker, and teacher.

Contact Information

Ron Henderson

4301 Highway 7 Suite 110
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Telephone: (612) 386-8178

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