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Ron Henderson, has been the premier personal fitness trainer in the Twin Cities for over 35 years. As the author of “Fitness Economics:  for a healthy body & mind” and the host of the cable TV show Winning workouts exercise series, as well as a dynamic motivational speaker, Ron has inspired thousands of individuals to invest in their physical net worth.

Ron captivates and encourages audiences, young and old alike, while educating and inspiring them to enjoy more active lifestyles physically. Ron is 63 years old and has been featured in newspapers, magazines, radio and TV for over three decades. In 2009 the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal awarded Ron the Minority Business Award. Ron’s new TV Show Motivation airs on your local cable station. Ron is an articulate, compassionate, motivating, and entertaining speaker and teacher.

Forget Everything You Know About Getting Old. 60 is the New 40. The Five Unusual Principles for Better Health at Any Age.

Ron Henderson, is a personal trainer and author of FITNESS ECONOMICS: For a Healthy Body & Mind, he is declaring that 61 is the new 40. Ron has developed a sound methodology to help everyone make better decisions today for a vibrant healthy future.

“60 is the new 40 because we have more health resources at our disposable now than at any other time in our history. Stop all the excuses about why you can’t make right now the healthiest moment of your life. One of the most overused clichés about aging has survived the test of time because it’s true. I’m 60 but I feel like I’m 40,” said Ron.

His methodology pulls from various disciplines in a way that will make sense in today’s social and economic environment. Ron has developed five specific principles and guidelines for better health:

  • Reading too many magazines makes you fat- throw them away.
  • A seven minute “fit party” can improve your health.
  • “Excuses” will shorten your life so get rid of them.
  • Check your ‘Fitness Economics’. Your approach to your personal financial economy relates to your health.
  • Health is your BFF- Body, Fitness, and Faith.

These five principles are 30 years in the making. Ron has trained top lawyers, corporate executives, hospital Chiefs of Staff, NFL players, and national recording stars at the top of their game.

The valuable insight he has learned revealed how health and aging transcends multiple areas of our lives; daily, socially, spiritually, and financially.

In fact, his client’s financial success inspired the book Fitness Economics. This is not a diet book; rather it explains how any person can use sound financial principles uniquely applied to personal fitness goals.

“You have to pay more attention to your health than you do to your finances so that you don’t end up physically bankrupt. Health is the true wealth. If your financial bank account increases while your health account decreases, you are hurting your health net worth,” said Ron.

Watch Ron talk about the most important of all principles- Fitness Economics:

Pay Yourself First – by Ron Henderson the Fitness King from thefitnessking on Vimeo.

For interview requests call: Ron 612-386-8178

Ron was notably the first personal fitness trainer in Minneapolis/ St. Paul area to work with clients in their homes and has inspired thousands of individuals to invest in their health net worth. His expertise has landed him interviews with numerous newspapers, magazines, radio stations and TV for more than three decades. Ron is a dynamic motivational speaker, the author of “What is it Worth for You to Become Physically Fit?” and the host of Fitness and Faith exercise series.

What is it Worth for You to Become Physically Fit?”, “Fitness and Faith: Balancing the scales” and “ Mason’s Backyard Workout.”  He is also the host of New “Winning Workouts exercise show” and “Motivation”

Contact Information

Ron Henderson

4301 Highway 7 Suite 110
Minneapolis, MN


Telephone: (612) 386-8178

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