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Motivational Speaker Ron Henderson

Ron Henderson began his pursuit of personal fitness training almost three decades ago. From a young age he has consistently been dedicated to sharing his discoveries and successes with all. Ron is the author of numerous books and the star of the cable exercise show ” Winning Workouts” and “Motivation”. He is an internationally known motivational speaker, and has been the premier personal fitness trainer in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota for over 35 years. Ron says “I realized early on that physical fitness was something of true value. After all, if you don’t have your health, money doesn’t matter.
The Fitness King takes his powerful and compelling messages into corporations to accomplish two specific goals:

  1. Using honest, compelling enthusiasm, with credible, fun presentation, Ron powerfully motivates employees to see the need for planning, implementing, and being accountable for what is required to become physically fit.
  2. The result is a “healthier bottom line” for employers, as they obtain the benefits of more physically fit employees (i.e., fewer sick days, more motivation, positive attitudes, fewer health claims, and all of the many benefits that accompany a healthy lifestyle).

Ron does not believe in giving the same speech to every organization, but ensures that the right message is being given to the right audience at the right time. This is accomplished by taking the time to analyze your needs, resulting in a customized presentation that can most effectively produce the needed results.

Audiences quickly warm up to Ron and his presentation, engaging in the energy and excitement he presents. Most find themselves happily on their feet, while at the same time doing inward contemplation on their individual “state of physical affairs”. The Fitness King then gently but firmly moves them toward really examining their own currentreality, and compels them to make the necessary changes that are needed on an individual basis.

Your employees will leave this presentation equipped with a plan of action as well as an accountability system to help ensure their success.Remember, success is for their personal benefit, as well as a “Healthier Bottom Line” for your organization.
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Ron Henderson

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Telephone: (612) 386-8178

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