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It’s difficult to ignore continuing messages about the benefits of daily exercise, nutrition and healthy lifestyles. Nonetheless, the challenge to commit to this regimen is daunting to most. A quick excuse can lead to a slip in the program to an overwhelming feeling of failure.

The Fitness King promotes “one day at a time, one step at a time” as key to achieving any fitness goal. Trading bad habits for healthy living is a life-long process. While there will be challenges, barriers and diversions along the way, success can be measured in each positive step.

Simple exercises, beginning with a quick two-minute fitness routine while watching TV, can start the process. Each day, with each added exercise or activity, the benefits of incorporating daily physical fitness can be realized.

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Ron Henderson

4301 Highway 7 Suite 110
Minneapolis, MN


Telephone: (612) 386-8178

Fitness Coaching

Hire me for online Fitness Coaching

Payable through paypal at $ 60.00 per 30 minute coaching session