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“I have worked with the Fitness King for over two and a half years and I have been very pleased with the progress I have made. The Fitness King is the best at what he does and takes his job very seriously.” Rebecca B... Read More
Rebecca B

“Some people confuse `motion’ with `direction’. Training with the Fitness King, I got `direction’ and RESULTS!” ... Read More
Jim Holton

“Six months have passed like weeks and I only regret not having the opportunity for personal training 30 years ago. At age 60, I feel better and my wife says I look better than I have for 15 years. Thank you for your dedication and constant level of professionalism you demonstrate…Training with you may be the single most important thing I have done for my health plan to tone my muscle and bone density and consider related health concerns.” ... Read More
John Rimarcik

“The Fitness King has provided me with the motivation to maintain a consistent workout schedule. He has been an absolute life-saver.” ... Read More
Mark Rosen

The Fitness King lives by example, and practices what he preaches. Working with the Fitness King has changed me as a person. My strength has improved considerably, and that accomplishment has boosted my self-confidence in everything that I do. Conquering yourself, can lead to vast improvements in your life.... Read More
Scott Winer

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Ron Henderson

4301 Highway 7 Suite 110
Minneapolis, MN


Telephone: (612) 386-8178

Fitness Coaching

Hire me for online Fitness Coaching

Payable through paypal at $ 60.00 per 30 minute coaching session