fitness king

“The Fitness King is someone who listens to what you u want to do and is very facile at developing a program that is reasonable and realistic. He’ll tell you how long it will take, and how much commitment. If he thinks that you aren’t going to be able to donate that amount of time and resources to the transformation, he’ll tell you, and he won’t take your money.”

Contact Information

Ron Henderson

4301 Highway 7 Suite 110
Minneapolis, MN


Telephone: (612) 386-8178

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As many of you know I have offered this newsletter for years at no charge to my subscribers but effective December 15, 2015 I will require a small fee to be paid if you want to continue to get my newsletter.

For the small yearly fee! all subscribers will receive free access to all Fitness King workout videos and 20% off on all Fitness King books or products.

They would pay for this through paypal! anyone that has not subscribed by 12/10/2015 will be automatically taken of the monthly subscriber list.

Fitness Coaching

Hire me for online Fitness Coaching

Payable through paypal at $ 60.00 per 30 minute coaching session